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The snowflakes have different shapes. No snowflake matches the shape of any other. Yet it shows the finest and sophisticated beauty one itself. The same is true of people. Each person matches different colors and styles based on their skin color, hair color, pupil color, body shape, etc. Qfora brings back the beauty and the aesthetics of nature to people through the personal curation that combines AI and Big Data. To match this role, Qfora, located in the middle of Garosu-gil, a hot place that is sensitive to trends, has become a mecca of beauty and fashion in Korea.

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Personal Color & FitXtyle Consulting

Customized colors found through personal color diagnostic system that is organized systematically from Coloz are based on PI and are even more accurate with 400,000 Big Data from Coloz.
FitXtyle is an independent body-type curation program launched in 2015 at Coloz. FitXtyle is also a program that uses body type calculators to identify and reflect on styling. So there is no failure based on objective and accurate figures.
Personal Color and FitXtyle both are the smartest choices for changing one's image. If you find a color that makes you look lively and vivacious in harmony with your body color through diagnosis of personal color, and recommend a color that complements your body shape through FitXtyle, but is also much more sophisticated, you will be able to feel freshness in your new appearance through a clear transformation.

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Mirror Mirror

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Fashion Share

Many foreign and domestic investors, including Qfora executives, fashion and beauty industry celebrities, and partner companies attended the Q-Style Show. At the event, a working agreement was signed with Asian Model Association, Ginitics, and Portium. It was also notable for its AI voice-based curator robot ‘Mirror-Mirror’ demonstration, followed by a fashion show, costume styling and make-up coaching demonstration.

Qfora Style Festival began with the Qfora Global Vision declaration ceremony and held a press conference with Wonkwang Mall. Notably, the AI voice curator robot ‘Mirror-Mirror’ attracted much attention. At the event, senior curator Han Jin-ah analyzed and consulted on personal color, curating makeup and sharing fashion.






A Social App for Sharing Style

StyleFora is a social app that shares fashion styles. It combines personal curations with big data suggestions to evaluate whether something is a "fashion fit". The service can evaluate a piece of clothing, accessory or makeup against a user’s PI and determine if it is a good fit, and if so, potentially even allow for direct purchase from the marketplace by third parties(currently in development).

Qrator Scenario: L Glasses Marketing Manager Choi Gil Dong (Male, Age: 33)

#1 <Improving Advertising>

Choi Gil-dong is pleasant on his way to work these days. This is because the advertising through fashion apps, which we tried last month, was successful in the millennial demographic. SNS marketing has been the biggest stress of business for Choi. Choi found it difficult to keep up with the rapid changes of the social media landscape, and even had to resort to paying advertising fees to influencers, but still didn't see much improvement in his 'Moth-Shaped' sunglasses.

Stylefora was like an answer to Choi's prayers. With the focus on user interactions optimized for beauty and fashion,he know it was exactly what he needed.

As a test, I reposted photos taken by my friend. The AI rating was 95 points, Users rated me 90, and curators rated it 87 with a styling tip.

Thanks to all the picture of the friend going viral, the L Glasses Company and Z company blouses were trending. No wonder the conversion rate was so high. Upon hearing about this Choi purchased Quroz, which can be converted to Q-Points to paid to advertisers or given to general users. User’s can also make referral commissions based on tagged products in the curation process. Through this process the target marketing is much more efficient than traditional SNS marketing, with higher conversions and at a lower price.

Yesterday, Choi was praised by his manager for having mastered the essence of marketing for the same cost. Choi is now smiling loudly, saying, "No new product will be a problem."

First, an uploader 17 uploads photos or videos such style, makeup, or coordination etc. Then, Qfora data is combined with an AI Algorithm that performs sensibility testing and scores the content accordingly. The curator then rates the fashion sense of the user and can give product recommendations through the comments. Users can also give ratings via likes and comments similar to existing social media platforms. When a user uploads media of themselves and tags the brand, they can earn a portion revenue through that exposure, based on a fixed rate.

Through the whole process, the tokens can act as a reward, empowering everyone in the ecosystem. Rewards will be paid first with Q-points, which can be exchanged with later tokens on. When a user uploads content, they are paid, are paid again for exposing brands through tagging, and they also get a portion of the rewards every time a curator reviews them. They can then convert QPoints to Quroz through the commerce menu and purchase things from the marketplace.