Mirror MirrorLee U Fan in Blockchain, AI in Fashion...What if ICT and culture meet?


What happens when high technology meets art or fashion?

Now, it is said that expensive paintings are easily co-owned by blockchain technology, a digital public trading book, and artificial intelligence robots choose clothes instead.

Hwang Jung Ho introduces the changes in our lives through the fourth industrial technology.


It is written by Lee U Fan, who shows the essence of Eastern philosophy through simple repetition of line.

The price is around 200 million won, and this picture has 80 co-owners.

But It's thanks to public transaction book, the blockchain technology that's easy to manage.

All transaction records remain in the blockchain system, so owners can view all transaction records at any time.

It also shares and contrasts information and prevents ownership counterfeiting.

[Kim Jae Wook/Company Representative: (Joint purchasers) can check with each other. And since they can personally confirm that they are in this joint buyer...

Not only is there in the art area, but there is more service using artificial intelligence in these areas of living that require customized service.

The robot mirror will talk to the woman in front of it.

["You don't know much about Personal Color, but don't worry."

It recommends the right color.

It also chooses cosmetics that suit me.

[Hong Young Min/Company Representative: "Artificial intelligence is strongly applied to the areas where beauty products are recommended in a form that is suitable for the individual."]

Artificial intelligence has also appeared, looking only at clothes and looking for types and materials.

Dozens of similar materials and patterns are found.

[Jeon Jae-young/Company Chairman: "Using deep-learning technology with collected data creates AI(Artificial Intelligence) that can search for (product)."

The meeting of high-tech information and communication technologies and cultures is creating a change in ownership and consumption.

I'm Hwang Jung-ho of KBS news.