QforaQfora, Participate in '2019 StyleTech Day' "Make Color Consulting possible at home and at work"

Park Gun-Soo, Director of Industrial Innovation and Growth of MOTIE, demonstrated voice curator robot, 'Mirror Mirror' of Qfora.

CEO of Qfora Hong Young-Min, who is being announced by StyleTech Day, 2019.

The beauty·fashion curation platform 'Qfora(CEO Hong Young-Min)' participated in '2019 StyleTech Day' hosted by MOTIE and KIDP at Galleria Foret in Seoul on the 5th and announced plans to establish the home Personal Color voice curation system and launch the business color consulting platform.

CEO Hong Young-Min of Qfora, the speaker of the event, mentioned business plans and vision in addition to introducing companies and services. In particular, the company launched its first mobile beauty·fashion-compensated SNS, 'StyleFora' and unveiled AI voice curator robot 'Mirror Mirror' in January, and announced that it will introduce the AI stylist system for households during the first half of this year.

In addition, business color consulting platform, 'Color Atlas' was officially announced in February, which will combine trend and consumer preferences with more than 380,000 color data that Qfora has analyzed over the past nine years to present colors optimized for corporate identity and branding.

At the exhibition booth of Qfola, a demonstration section has been set up where you can experience 'Mirror Mirror' and 'StyleFora' in person. In particular, Park Gun-Soo, Director of Industrial Innovation and Growth of MOTIE, visited the exhibition booth of Qfora and experienced 'Mirror Mirror' in person, drawing much attention from visitors.

"Qfora will be reborn as a true big data platform that solves the problems of 'Heuristic', i.e., bias errors, which has been found in previous big data use cases," said CEO Hong Young-Min of Qfora. "We are building progressive and accurate Personal Color infrastructure through continuous cooperation with global leading companies such as KT and Gartner."

Meanwhile, Qfora is currently co-hosting a final test with KT to officially launch 'Mirror Mirror', while also releasing a joint technical report with Gartner, a global IT research company.