Mirror Mirror

Snow White, a fairy tale widely known as the Grimm Brothers' original work in 1812, is still a work that many people have talked about even after 200 years.
 Snow White, a 1937 Disney animated film, is considered to be one of the greatest in animation history.
In 2012, it was also made into a movie starring Julia Roberts.

In 2018, the ‘Mirror-Mirror’ was reproduced by Qfora.
 Created in the form of an AI voice-based curator robot, a mirror that is smarter than magic can be found in Qfora, from warm tones, cool tones to personal curation.
Mirror-Mirror will be an app that marks beauty, fashion history.
 This magic Mirror analyzes your skin tone, iris color, and hair color to show your own personal colors and to suggest your own best make-up and style through personal curating.

Now is the time to turn questions into ‘Mirror-Mirror, what's my coolest style?’, rather than 'Mirror-Mirror, who is the prettiest person in the world?’
If Snow White and Queen also had only Mirror-Mirror of the Qfora, they were able to know their best make-up look and best style easily without wasteful and pointless beauty contest anymore.
 Wouldn't Cinderella covet Mirror-Mirror of Qfora for making dramatic change quickly and easily, too?

Now, it's your turn. Let’s join the history of Qfora’s Mirror-Mirror.